Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I have been a part-time office staff for more than 3 months now. doing data entries.
everyday, i watch my colleagues come to work at 9am then type on their computers all day, have very on-the-surface conversations with each other occasionally, and when its 5:45pm, everyone packs up and leave.
This got me thinking... is this what i want? I have always been told, " you must study hard, so that next time you can get a comfortable office job!" (at least thats what my parents always say..)
yes, i agree office jobs are more comfortable and easy than those jobs that requires human labour and sweat. But think about it, you sit at your desk for almost 9hours a day! how comfortable is that? oh and  dont forget there will definitely be those office politics, scoldings from superiors, etc.
i feel that its a very me-against-the-world situation.
i always thought.. yes, i need to get an office job, not only is the pay good, it will be comfortable.
But from the first day i started, i started questioning myself.
"is this what you want?" "you sure you can tahan this kind of lifestyle? doing the same things everyday?" 
i dont think so..

(i know this does not apply to everyone or every company, but let me rant..)
here are some things i felt/observed from my part-time job.
- no one is real (everyone is wearing a mask, somehow)
-"friends" do not exist, even if there is, its only on the surface.
- you dont really have much life
-its not as comfortable and easy as people say
whatever it is, i really cant take this kind of life. its not even interesting..
if i were to do it, how will i survive?
i dont know..
then again, this is still my first time, is it too quick for me to jump into conclusions?
whatever it is, working is no joke.. maybe studying is still so much better.
i dont want to grow up...
my thoughts are all over the place, it would be too disorganized for me to continue posting.. so i'll end the post here.
-end of rant-

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