Saturday, 27 April 2013

All times when old are good.

Friday's afternoon snack at work!!! one of my fav snacks! 
I just love how it melts in your mouth!!!^^

alright so work was (as usual) BORING. ugh.
was super looking forward to dinner that day! went to SWEE CHOON FOR DIM SUM! 
Since three of us did not know how to get there, took us a really long time to get there!
We even walked in the wrong direction twice! 
and because there was some constructions going on along the road side, it was really scary for three girls to walk to the place. so next time, must go with at least one guy friend!! 
by the time we got there, there was alot of people waiting around to get it! 
so we took a number and started to order then we waited for our number, it took about 30-45 minutes? but since we are not alone, time passed quickly!  
after about 5 minutes, the food came!! 

I thought the xiao long bao and liu sha bao was really good!! and the pai gu!! (chicken)
ha gao and fried dumplings too! 
okay all tastes realllyy good! but i dint really like the da bao.. hahah quite a waste of money for that..

Joelle and Jeradine

havent seen Joelle for almost 2 years already and it amazes me how,after so long, we are still able to talk comfortably without any awkwardness (i didnt think there would be any!), just like the old times!! 
love you, my handsome girl! 

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