Friday, 14 December 2012

BANG! mjc graduation party


Bang! @ Butter Factory on 6 Dec was mjc's graduation night/prom!!
honestly, at first i was kinda sian to go..  cause clubbing was really not my thing and not many of my friends were going! most of 415 went! but only a few of the volleyball girls were going! ):  i was so sure that i wont have a good time..
the party was supposed to start at 9, but when we reached at about 9++, we still had to wait for about 1hour before we were allowed to enter -.- (bad planning)  after we finally went in, sat around w 415 (we had one whole table to ourself! ^^v) and again, waiting for the thing to start..  
finally the night started, with the introduction of the prom king and queen nominees and their performances. could not hear what the first couple was singing, it was a slow song so it was kinda boring and inappropriate for a club. the last couple, the girl rapped, but i couldnt hear it clearly and the guy sang. and the 2nd couple danced! definitely the best performance, but it was a pity it was so short!! after that the dance floor was open and everyone went to dance.  danced with 415 and it was crazy!!! my friends can really shake man!!! all the party animals! hahaha partied the night away man! but the dj kinda sucks... some of the songs he played were really um.. bad.. everyone was just screaming for him to change song okay! hahaha anyway went home before the party was over ): and i was feeling sore all over! hahaha it was a great night! its like after SOO long, 2 horrible years of jc, we are finally free!! we are finally able to flyyyyy~ just do whatever we want and just enjoy life you know!!! 
okay time for some pictures!~~ 

my outfit: a simple black dress and heels



idk what to do without this two with me in my jc life. 

okay done! bye! :D

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