Saturday, 24 November 2012


okay this post is going to be me, being an ultra fangirl! ^^
heh!! so yup i went to SMTOWNSG!! 
okay not exactly.. it was held at the floating platform at marina bay, so i went to the near by helix bridge to watch the /outdoor/ concert (for free, free-riding yeah hahaha) 

the view from where i was standing! it looks really far from pictures, but in real life its actually quite close!! 
i think i stood there for at least 5 hours! aching all over now! but it was soooo worth it!!  
(but i think its not worth to pay for it.. :/ since i only support sj ^^) 
i was standing with my ELF friend, and her cousin, and made new friends with some J1 girls from TJ and MJ ^^ we were all wet! but who cares! we had fun!!!^^

overall thoughts about the concert: AWESOME!!!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! 
I WATCHED BOA (the queen of kpop) LIVE!!!! omgg! i cant believe it still! 

the show opened with Fx, Victoria was so pretty!!! Suli was damn cute and amber was so cool with her hair tied up!!!! 
KANGTA! Omg he's so handsome!!!   
Zhoumi and Victoria's duet was too cute!!

Shinee was really good looking that night, esp onew taemin and jonghyun. jonghyun and taemin was ULTRA HOT during internet war... omg my eyes! ;_; jonghyun has such a nice body!!!! *screams* hahaha! onew was really cute correcting the translator! (gosh the translator suck soo bad) 

Girls Generation, omg.. yuri taeyeon sunny sooyoung was soooo pretty!!!! twinkle live was great too!!
Sunny had PURPLE HAIR! still cute!!
they sang genie, mr taxi, gee, run devil run, kissing you, the boys! (i think thats all) was just dancing along too!! 

TVXQ was just ultra tall and handsome!! their dances was just so powerful!! need to update myself with more of themm! 
Changmin and KYU did a duet, and a lucky girl was picked and they serenaded her.. omg
and when it was changmin's turn after kyu, she totally turned her back against kyu!! and kyu was just awkwardly on one knee... OTL 

BOA ohh the queen! she is so charismatic!!!! so gorgeous!! and her english is perfect! 
when she's dancing its like BOOM! charisma everywhere! but when shes not dancing, and doing her intro, it was like a shy little girl smiling and giggling, and whining that its so hot! <3 

and last but not least, SUPER JUNIOR!!! (yes im an ELF)
omg they were SO HANDSOME!!! and i finally saw Kangin!! love their intro! it was the longest and most interesting one compared to the rest!! 
Sj's intro <3
sungmin's english is good! and donghae being the sweet talker as usual! <3 

AND KYU'S CHINESE!! hahahah so confident and cute!

yesung! hahaha! "whats gonna!!!!!!"   "im yesung.. im... singapore.. i love you.." 
and Eunhyuk being the self-proclaimed leader (lol) did the introduction and he even speak singlish!!!

(gif credit superandyy, watch the video here!) he then went on to ask if he can be the leader! saying how we got no choice! HA!!
i swear he is soooo cute! <3  there was so much eunhae that night!!! <3 
they sang oppa oppa, superman, don't don, acha, bonamana (rock ver), sorry sorry(!!), tai wan mei, dancing out and sexy free and single!! 

oh during the last few songs, (only one, electric shock, sherlock, the boys, sexy free and single, catch me) it started raining again! it was storm man! with lightning and all! but they still performed professionally! and fans obviously stayed on with ponchos and umbrella!! 

thats when everyone at the helix got most high!! screaming and dancing in the storm!! omg it was SOOO much fun!! 
me and eunice screamed through every song!! hahaha! by catch me it was so heavy that my whole face was wet! lol! then it was the ending song, hope. Boa came out with this ultra huge pink ribbon on her head! so cute!! 


and eunhae ended it with their "I LOVE YOU LA~" ^^
/free/ smtown was so worth it! I CANT WAIT FOR SS5! 
ending the post with my fav ♥ 
(hahaha from my post you can totally tell who im a fan of hehe^^)

okay bye! 

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