Sunday, 12 May 2013

sights of malaysia, Penang

last week, we had an urgent trip back to malaysia, Penang (not the island) where my grandparents stay!
every year we would drive for at least 8 hours, three times a year to get there. where there's no internet, and there's really nothing to do, so everything is interesting there!!
i used to bring my homework there, but nah nothing gets done. i'll spend all day watching tv or out at our aunt's house or just going out to eat. yes the food there is awesome!
and this time, we traveled to the Penang island (George town) alot! and i found out that, that place is really like singapore! it was a huge city with roads flooded with cars and people there mostly communicate with english, and it amazes me cause malaysians usually have their mother tongues as their first language! honestly, i was quite surprised!

okay some pictures.

 flowers at my grandparent's. yup, can be easily seen in sg.

 and this is like one of the coffee shops we go to eat! really run down-ish and hot(!!), but has delicious food!
 and ta-dah!~ the famous PENANG LAKSA.  once you have a bowl of this, you wouldnt even want to touch any of those laksa you see in sg. seriously. the taste is realllyyy different! and the smell of the laksa is just.. 香!!!  It is spicy with just a bit of sour-ness, like tom yam, but no.. its different. sorry, really bad at describing the taste...
and usually, my parents would order a cup of chendol to cool themselves down. (its REALLY hot there) oh yes!  the char kway teow is reallly good there too! one word to describe: 香!

talking about food at midnight it is making me so hungry!!!

andd, dim sum for breakfast! 

then there was dinner!

 my all time favorite!! thai-styled!!

obviously there were more dish, but i was too busy eating already!! :D
in another meal, my cousin brought super fresh seafood to a restaurant to have them cooked and we really had a feast! it was soooo good!!! and we were sitting by the road side under a tree having dinner!! see this is why everytime i come back from malaysia i gain weight. because its soooo boring there, we eat and sleep. all day! (theres NOTHING to do its just like a countryside)
my usual day there would be, waking up at 12-1pm then i'll eat lunch. then depending on my mum, sometimes we would go out to visit my aunties or go have laksa, if not i will just sit in front of the tv watching animals or  some boring shows, then it would be dinner time already! then watch more tv or stone till midnight 12-1am then sleep.
oh yes. my grandparents house have no water heater. so its ICE COLD water to bathe in the mornings and nights!! but i loveee bathing in the afternoon 3-5pm cause by then the water would be rather warm and because the weather is SOOO hot, taking a bath then is damn cooling!!! other than then, its horrible!!

look! GIANT BANANAS! uncle grew them! 

to show how huge it is, a piece of it cut-ed!

above are all at my grandparent's place. at the more country side of penang in mainland malaysia.
below are going to be pictures from penang island.
First. the best bak kut teh i've ever tasted!!

because we went there during the election period, the road sides were FILLED, really really filled with blue flags!!! just look!!!!

 really everywhere was like that. 

and this made me quite shocked and i realised, wow the competition for the election is really serious! cause penang belonged to the opposition and the gov party was trying hard to win it back! 

and here's some evening view! 
 thats the sea btw! 

and ending with pictures of my adorable nephew!!!!

and hehe! thats him doing the ending pose of gangnam style!

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